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The Phasic vortex (The Eye of Apophis.) by Athalai-Haust The Phasic vortex (The Eye of Apophis.) by Athalai-Haust
"A sanctuary for chaos, such an interesting thought. And yet, here it is, within the eye of Apophis. To anyone else, it would be certain doom, but for us, it is an impenetrable fortress." Naga lord of the Draconian

located on the ancerious galaxy's southwestern Fringe. The Phasic Vortex. otherwise known as the "Eye of Apophis" is a Massive Zone of Aberration infection and Draconian Corruption over 35,000 light years across at its widest point which Erupted into Existence not long after the Escape of the unnatural domaign bearing the ancient infernuiian Centro world of  "" and acting as the Vessel for the Entity known as the Aberration. From its engagement with the nakai vessel known as the A,zores, in which both ships suffered heavy damage on the receiving ends of their Eldrich Weapons systems before Disengaging each other in the wake of a flux FSEMCE Strike intending to cleanse the system.

Crippled, and sensing the oncoming Flux Retaliatory attack. The unnatural domain managed to flee the system and territory by utilizing a mode of FTL that it grew from its own crystal-like infection as the battle raged. Escaping deep into the heart of the unexplored territories. eventually reaching the Territory of a Technologically advanced Extrasolar civilization native to ancerious that had been relocated to the region by the flux ascendency following the outbreak of the silent war.
Subsequently, it began its process of infection and assimilation on the alien species. Converging and diverting several of its roaming shard fleets into their territories. Discovering several long dormant Infernuii Colony worlds in the process.

Despite Aggressive and valiant Efforts by the Tripedal indigenous Race of the territory to repel and Quarantine the infection, as well as several outside efforts by the flux to Stop the entity's movement of assimilation. The home worlds and Territories of the alien empire eventually fell over the course of several months. Their Remnants and refugees sent fleeing in every direction out into the unexplored territories even as the Aberration Formed several new Temporally shielded nexus mass Planetoids in the process.

Thus did the Aberration establish its first territorial Foothold in the Ancerious Galaxy, Far from and largely unknown to the Territories of the Colonizing empires.
Systematically going about the process of rebuilding its Ancient empire of the Infernuiians on the surfaces of the planets within its reach. Dutifully Following its Primary Directive. its Pretense in the Territory affecting the very physics with its ancient Systems and Technologies to the point where its presence could be seen as well as felt. earning the Territory the title of "The Phasic Vortex." By the nakai, Who would eventually come to envy and loath it it as a symbol of their humiliation with the Azores. And a growing threat towards their plans of Re-Establishing their own ancient empire.

Not long after its creation in the unexplored territories, Ships and even small fleets under the control of the collective cults of the Draconain began to converge on the Corrupted Territory. Ships hailing from almost every Empire that had reported the cults presence in the previous few months. A sign of the Aberrations alliance with the Draconian Naga. Allowing the Cults of the other willing Draconian to Claim worlds within its Realm to act as Sanctuaries and Centers of operation for their cults within the other territories.

Weather or not the Warring faction of Ancerious are aware, A great danger has begun to awaken in the galaxy.

(Alright guys, Bit of a Territorial Development for The Aberration as an NPC. Let me know what you think, this is all meant to develop after the End of the Current Unnatural Domain  vs the Azores Entry arc im doing with Myric.)
A locational picture will be up soon.
Meowmeowmeow21 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
Okay um who are the Draconians again? I seem to have forgotten... ^^;
Athalai-Haust Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Student General Artist
They're lord nagaetroses Drake gods of chaos. You'll have to ask him about it to get better details.
Meowmeowmeow21 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
kk thanks
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